Second Generation of ZPower Batteries Provide New Levels of Performance

ZPower performance has evolved. Today Widex introduces the Second Generation ZPower Rechargeable System, giving Widex rechargeable hearing aid users more flexibility and performance than ever before. 
The upgrade has taken every element of how the battery system works into account, from the charger station software to the battery door. The charging station now provides a more optimized charging cycle, and a new nanocoated ASIC chip ensures the best use of both short-and long-term power. A stronger battery door with 100% more plastic and an enhanced battery contact configuration makes the design more robust than ever, while extra moisture protection of metal parts provides optimal resistance from corrosion.  

“Like every company fiercely committed to quality, Widex continually improves its hearing solutions, and that’s why we’re excited to announce that the ZPower Second Generation Rechargeable System for Widex hearing aids has evolved to better meet the market’s demand for a reliable and superior rechargeable solution,” explains Widex VP of Global Marketing Søren Hvidberg Nielsen.  

This evolution of ZPower batteries comes at a time where personalization of sound in hearing aids has evolved too. Just a few weeks ago, Widex announced that its AI engine, SoundSense Learn, has been enhanced to improve and personalize sound in Widex Evoke 25% faster.  

“With the ZPower upgrades and the faster personalization in Widex Evoke, we’re giving users the fantastic product that they expect and deserve,” says Søren Hvidberg Nielsen.  

ZPower rechargeable batteries are known for their high capacity, flexibility and safety. They have the highest energy capacity of all 312-batteries and outperform other rechargeable options by 20%. ZPower batteries can easily be replaced with standard zinc-air batteries if needed – or vice versa. They are also fully recyclable, mercury-free and non-flammable.