WIDEX MOMENT in the Media Spotlight!

WIDEX MOMENT in the Media Spotlight!


In early July, WIDEX introducing the world’s first hearing aid that doesn’t sound like a hearing aid: the WIDEX MOMENT. The media response to this news has been overwhelming, helping to drive attention among people with hearing loss to these truly unique devices.

Overall, the press release announcing WIDEX MOMENT generated 275 media stories with the potential reach of 184 million people.


Hearing Industry Coverage

The news about
WIDEX MOMENT was covered by all of the major hearing industry publications you likely read, including AudiologyOnline, Hearing Review, and Hearing Health & Technology Matters.

Geoffrey Cooling of Hearing Aid Know, shared a detailed review of his experiences with MOMENT. Aside from the headline that sums it up as “An Astonishing Sound Experience,” Cooling describes MOMENT as “getting all of the benefits of hearing aids without wearing hearing aids.”

In addition, Dr. Cliff Olson created a video about WIDEX MOMENT where he highlights the benefits of PureSound™ and talks about how impressed he is with its digital signal processing technology.


WIDEX MOMENT in Consumer Media

WIDEX MOMENT has also been featured across consumer media, especially in the areas of medical technology, audio technology, consumer technology, and senior living. Such publications include Yahoo!, AudioXpress, Bass Magazine, Living Better 50, and Med-Tech Innovation.

Several journalists were also sent WIDEX MOMENT hearing aids so they could be fit remotely and report their experiences in their publications. We look forward to sharing reviews in several top tier lifestyle and technology publications – stay tuned!


You Can Take the Spotlight, Too!

All of this interest in WIDEX MOMENT hearing aids is testament to the benefits and uniqueness of these devices. As word about WIDEX MOMENT continues to spread, more consumers will hear about these hearing aids that are taking the media by storm. BY fitting WIDEX MOMENT, you can have your moment in the spotlight!
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