Widex Supports Helen Keller National Center

Widex Supports Helen Keller National Center


WIDEX USA is committed to helping all in need of hearing help get care. This holiday season we will be donating at least $20,000 to the Helen Keller National Center. Imagine being able to not only personalize hearing aid sound to meet your unique preferences but also having the hearing aid learn and predict your preferred sound settings. With the launch of Widex EVOKE, that has now become a reality. This revolutionary new technology is the first hearing aid ever to feature advanced machine learning technology in real time to create truly personalized sound for wearers.

At Widex, we understand that hearing happens in real life, not just in a clinic examination room. Yet, the challenge of real-life hearing is that it is both personal and always changing, with each new listening setting. Keeping up with hearing in an always changing environment requires a hearing aid to be able to adapt and adjust seamlessly. With the EVOKE technology, it is now possible for a hearing aid to learn from the wearer's preferences and even compile their preferences with other wearer's around the world.

With EVOKE, the hearing aid wearer finally has the ability to utilize real-time machine learning technology through intuitive and simple-to-use controls to let wearers chose their hearing preferences. Even more, EVOKE wearers don't have to remember the exact changes they made for the fine tuning on the next visit to that setting in the future.

The new SoundSense Technology means users just tell their EVOKE hearing aids what sounds they prefer by choosing between sound suggestions provided by their smartphone with the EVOKE hearing app. Then, the powerful processor uses this data to deliver even better real-life sound, based on the wearer's personal preferences, in real time. What's more, the combination of individual wearer input and machine learning enables EVOKE hearing aids to be able to combine all user preferences, using anonymous data, to help in predicting the preferred sound settings and further improve the real-life sound experiences.

"Widex EVOKE will forever change what people expect from hearing aids. I firmly believe that Widex EVOKE marks the beginning of a new era in hearing aid technology. It is the first hearing aid that is truly intelligent and grows smarter as you use it. EVOKE not only learns on the level of the individual device but also across the devices in the EVOKE eco-system. The perspectives and the potential are breath-taking: Just imagine an EVOKE user in Paris benefiting from the input of an EVOKE user in Sydney. You can say that Widex EVOKE is the world's first hearing aid that is intelligent today -- and even smarter tomorrow", says Widex President and CEO Jorgen Jensen.

Widex EVOKE is now available in a full range of models and colors. Those interested in learning more can visit our
EVOKE product page or contact their Widex support rep for training.
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