US Motorcycle Racing Champ Revs with Widex

US Motorcycle Racing Champ Revs with Widex


US motorcycle racing champion, Jason Farrell, shares his experiences with Widex hearing aid technology as it helps him both on the track and in his personal life.

"I remember hearing everything. I was thinking that this is unbelievable, I cannot leave without these Widex hearing aids."

Those were the words of US motorcycle racing champion, Jason Farrell, as he reflects on finally gaining better hearing through Widex hearing aid technology after many years of going with untreated hearing loss. In fact, Jason did end up bringing those hearing aids home and has benefited everyday from wearing them as he runs his
motorcycle repair shop, preparing for upcoming races by tuning his own bikes and, of course, in his personal and professional relationships. Yet for Jason, his hearing journey has been as challenging as winning a Daytona race.

"Back then hearing aids were nothing like they are today, not even close!"

Jason's hearing loss started at a young age as a result of exposure to the loud engine and exhaust noises from the motorcycles he rode constantly. As he explains in his video testimonial, older bikes didn't have muffled exhausts and the two stroke engines were much louder. He ended up with hearing loss in his right ear, where the pipes were placed.

Over the years Jason wore hearing aids but struggled with the lack of reliability back then as costly repairs or replacements became an issue. He states, "This was 1980 or 1981, so with those hearing aids one would break and you would need a new one or something better but then I decided to just go without them." This decision to stop wearing hearing aids ultimately made his life very difficult. Whether in his business or in his personal life, Jason remembers people telling him "I'm talking to you and your another world." Eventually the time came to visit with a hearing specialist again.

"I got the new Widex hearing aids and it was like my life was brand new again."

Upon his trip to see an audiologist, after many years without care, Jason reentered the world of hearing with improvements from today's latest hearing aid technology. Of that moment he states, "You wouldn't think something could be so emotional. The audiologist went in the other room to say some phrases, I can't remember what was said, but I remember hearing everything." Now Jason still visits his audiologist, Mark Conradt, Au.D. of ENT Specialists of Wisconsin, regularly to learn about the latest technology advancements for his Widex BEYOND hearing aids to use in streaming media and music audio.

With his BEYOND hearing aids, Jason can use the app on his long road trips to stream music directly into his hearing aids, allowing his fellow passengers to sleep peacefully. Jason jokes that with these hearing aids now he'll say "Oh yeah, shut the radio off" and his friends will laugh when they wake up and see him bouncing his head to the music only in his ears.

Jason raves about the sound quality of his Widex hearing aids to everyone who asks. He shared the same sentiment recently in stating 'The clarity of sound is unreal!...I can't ask for anything better. If they made something better I'd be blown away because I don't know how they could possibly do it."

Watch Jason's full testimonial below to learn more about his experiences with Widex hearing aid technology:

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