Widex Helps Alabama Audiologist Provide Best Service, Solutions for Patients

Laura Mount knows a thing or two about hearing aids. A practicing audiologist for more than a decade, she’s worked with a wide variety of brands, fit thousands of patients, and gathered a massive amount of product feedback along the way. Having worked as both a health care provider and a tech support specialist for a hearing aid manufacturer, she’s always had an inside look into which devices and technologies are helping patients the most. Today, one answer is clear across the patients she treats at her own practice, non-profit clinics, and other health care facilities in California and Nevada.

“Widex MOMENT hearing aids are an undisputed favorite. No matter where I am or a patient’s age, degree of hearing loss, or demographic, it’s a resounding ‘yes’ to Widex,” Mount says. “When a patient starts wearing Widex, they rarely want to switch. They notice right away how natural everything sounds, how easily they can pick up on inflections in tone, and how accurately they can gauge their surroundings.” 

The companion Widex MOMENT app is also a hit, with many of Mount’s patients quick to embrace the vast level of control. MOMENT wearers can adjust the volume, bass, middle, and treble of their hearing aids, customize their listening intent, receive optimized sound recommendations, stream directly to their hearing aids, and more, all from the convenience of their smartphone. 

The MOMENT app is also home to Widex My Sound, which asks wearers to select their activity, such as dining and their intent, whether its socializing, conversation, or enjoying music.

Based on these selections, My Sound draws on tens of thousands of real-life data points, reflecting the preferences and listening situations of other Widex wearers who have used the app previously. In seconds, the wearer is presented with two sound profile recommendations, which can both be listened to before selecting which sounds best.

For Mount, the Widex MOMENT app with My Sound means more satisfied patients and a streamlined workflow. “It’s by far the most advanced app out there,” she says. “It walks patients through the initial setup, which helps me immensely. Also, patients can customize the sound based on their activity and listening intent. They don’t have to come to me every time they need an adjustment.”

Certainly, hearing care professionals like Mount choose Widex for the superior performance of its products and the positive influence it has on patients’ quality of life. But she believes what really sets Widex apart is its dedication to hearing care professional partners. 

“They recognize our critical role in helping people hear better and do everything they can to make my job easier,” Mount says. “They expedite product when I need it, gladly accept and replace returned devices, and provide prompt, hassle-free technical support—no questions asked and no excuses.”  

The average wait time to connect with a Widex Customer Care Representative is an industry-leading 23 seconds. Because of this commitment to reduced wait times, Mount quickly gets the answers she needs to meet patient demands. 

“I’m able to get Tech Support on speakerphone immediately, while a patient is in my exam room, to tailor and adapt the hearing aids to their specific needs,” she says. “It gives both me and my patients the peace of mind that the hearing aids are configured accurately and gets them in and out of the office quickly—always a plus for busy people.” 

This exceptional level of service and support ultimately strengthens Mount’s relationships with patients and helps her manage her busy schedule. Widex’s unapparelled customer support was also instrumental in helping her start her own practice. 

“Widex supplied me with all the hearing aids I needed—no money down. It’s unheard of to launch a business in the black, but Widex made it possible. They aren’t just a hearing aid provider, they’re my audiology partner,” she says.

Mount has also been able to help many tinnitus sufferers through Widex’s Zen app, which provides tinnitus patients with tools and information needed to help manage the impact of their condition. It supplies a wide range of soothing sounds, exclusively found in the app, to create a relaxing background for those who suffer from tinnitus. It also contains an extensive educational section where patients can learn more about tinnitus, as well as exercises that can help them relax and improve their sleep routines.

“Widex nailed it with Zen,” Mount says. “It’s a game-changer for my patients and my career. Widex understands that there’s a broad spectrum of hearing care—not just hearing loss—which makes them the right company to address the needs of a wide range of patients.” 

By positioning itself as a true audiology ally for HCPs, Widex gives Mount everything she needs to deliver the best possible results. Without hesitation, she recommends Widex’s state-of-the-art hearing aids to her patients and its exemplary business practices to her industry peers.

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