Widex Introduces Real-Life Insights Into Patient Hearing Aid Data


Widex is proud to announce the release of Real-Life Insights, a feature of the EVOKE family of hearing aids, which provides Hearing Healthcare Professionals with unprecedented access to data from their patients’ use of personal hearing aid programs.

Building upon Widex’ robust data logging capabilities,
Real-Life Insights gathers data on when patients create and use personal programs, how they’ve customized their EVOKE hearing aids’ settings, and how often they use each personal program. This data is then presented to hearing care professionals in the Compass™ GPS fitting platform. With this deep insight into situations where their patients want to hear better and how their patients are trying to resolve these situations, Hearing Healthcare Professionals can offer counseling and fine-tuning that is tailored to an individual’s specific needs and goals.

Real-Life Insights delivers on the EVOKE promise of being a hearing aid that is intelligent today and smarter tomorrow. Powered by the EVOKE smartphone application and the Widex Cloud, it gathers data from personal programs that EVOKE wearers either create themselves or create using help from SoundSense Learn, Widex’ real-time machine learning application that uses simple A/B listening comparisons to quickly identify which of the EVOKE hearing aids’ over 2,000,000 setting configurations best meets the patient’s needs in a given moment.

Patients who use the EVOKE app have the option to share their personal program use data with the Widex Cloud. If they consent, their data will then be provided to their Hearing Healthcare Professional, who can access it in a special dashboard inside Widex’ Compass GPS fitting software.

Along with SoundSense Learn and Remote Care™, Widex’ industry-leading tele-healthcare solution, Real-Life Insights helps both Hearing Healthcare Providers BE THERE for their patients and hearing aid wearers BE THERE in the moments that matter the most to them.

For more information, please contact Cheryl Anderson, Director of Marketing Communications, Widex USA at chae@widex.com
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