Widex: Committed to you and your patients

Widex: Committed to you and your patients


The entire Widex organization is committed to supporting hearing care professionals during the COVID-19 crisis and being a steady hand to guide them through it.


To ensure you rebound successfully when conditions improve, it’s important to lay the groundwork now. That means doing what you can to help those with hearing loss by servicing them remotely today, and preparing for the future when you can open your office doors to them once again. Putting your patients first

One of the changes we encourage hearing care professionals to make is to increase their use of Widex REMOTE CARE. With this solution, they can adjust patients’ wireless hearing aids remotely, helping them feel more confident and happier with their devices. This is especially crucial during this time, to ensure they can hear their family and friends and understand updates from the news.

Of course, your patients’ needs can extend beyond fitting and fine-tuning. Should they need repair work, our direct-to-patient repair service provides fast and easy repairs directly to your patients’ homes. This minimizes the time spent waiting to get their hearing aids back, while ensuring they don’t need to risk their health by going into your office.

To further support your patients, Widex has also implemented a 30-day extension on patient trial periods.

Staying in touch

During this time of uncertainty, regular communications are essential. To keep you informed, Widex sends out a weekly covid-19 practice management newsletter to share our latest updates, tips for managing your practice, and how to prepare for re-opening when this crisis passes.

It’s also important that you communicate with your patients. To help, we have easy-to-use email and social media templates so you can keep your patients up to date.

Widex has also created numerous live and on-demand webinars, offering practice management strategies in times of crisis. These informational sessions span everything from communication strategies to financial management recommendations.

To make it easy to find all of these resources, we created a comprehensive resource page, available at:

Getting through this together.

As the recently appointed President of Widex USA, my commitment is to help you and your organizations get through this.

While the road ahead may seem difficult, our goal is to help you every step of the way. Despite the limits brought about by social distancing, we are committed to helping you overcome those barriers to serve your patients. But we also know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and we’re here to help you position for success.

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