Introducing COM-DEX Remote Mic- The Answer to Difficult One-to-One Listening Situations!

Widex created a new assistive listening device designed to help hearing aid wearers to hear speech in the most difficult one-to-one situations.
The COM-DEX Remote Mic is an add-on to the popular COM-DEX wireless Bluetooth accessory from Widex. It is designed to be used in difficult one-to-one listening situations, such as noisy restaurants, classrooms or group gatherings. The microphone, which can be controlled via the COM-DEX app, is designed to be clipped onto the speaker's clothing. Sound is then streamed directly to the wearer's Widex hearing aids via the COM-DEX.

Other COM-DEX Remote Mic features include:

- Up to 8 hours of streaming time
- Wireless connection via the COM-DEX to all Widex hearing aids
- A 33-foot range for easy conversation
- Updated COM-DEX App for remote control of the mic
- Battery fully charged after three hours

Widex President Jeffrey Geigel says that the COM-DEX Remote Mic is a valuable addition to the Widex family of assistive listening devices. "Our hearing aids already help people to hear speech in noisy environments. The COM-DEX Remote Mic is designed as an add-on for those situations where background noise if especially intense," he says. "This is the answer to difficult one-to-one listening situations."

The COM-DEX Remote Mic is available for sale nationwide beginning February 1, 2017.

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