Benefits for you - and your patients

Our Widex MOMENT™ hearing aids stand apart in three ways: delivering natural sound, user-friendly apps and accessories built on our industry-leading Artificial Intelligence (AI), and our on-demand counseling tools.

Practice Benefits for You

With a sound processing time of 0.5 milliseconds, compared to the industry standard of 5 – 8 milliseconds, Widex truly delivers a sound like no other. Research shows that users rate Widex MOMENT higher across the areas of sounding natural, own voice perception, and hearing in noise, compared to their previous hearing aids.  In another study, 90% of participants reported effortless participation in social situations* with Widex MOMENT hearing aids. 

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Improving what’s good to be even better 

This is especially true when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. Widex was the first to introduce AI in hearing aids – and is still the only manufacturer to optimize to create a more personal sound. By empowering patients to self-manage more of their hearing aid experience with the help of our AI solutions, like our My Sound function, leads to greater satisfaction, while saving you valuable time.
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Tools at your fingertips

Our on-demand tools are quick, easy, and approachable; and our accurate and easy-to-use fitting software, along with valuable solutions and features, can improve the fitting process and lead to long-term patient success. While these tools bring enormous benefits to your patients, they also position you at the forefront of the latest technology developments in the minds of your patients. 
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A integrated approach to tinnitus management

Widex Zen is a universal solution to treat patients with tinnitus, whether they have hearing loss or not. Learn about the four main components of Widex Zen that set our solutions apart – not only by incorporating optimal segments of existing therapies, but also novel acoustical stimuli and relaxation exercises, as well.  
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Patient Testimonials

At the end of the day, our continued investment in all three categories of technology is intended to position you as the most knowledgeable source for the latest developments in modern hearing aid solutions and support apps in the minds of your patients. We can talk all about what makes Widex different and unique, but it is the satisfied testimonials of patients that build their trust and confidence in you as their hearing care professional.

How We Deliver Success

Everyone at Widex stands behind the Widex Difference, a difference rooted in the passionate pursuit of natural, distortion-free sound that is supported by our core pillars of Audiology Allies, Unique Technologies, and Premium Experience. By providing you with the solutions you need to demonstrate the Widex Difference, more patients than ever before will become knowledgeable, loyal Widex customers for you. Follow the link below to be connected with your local Widex rep.

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*Balling LW, Townend O, Helmink D. Sound quality in real life–Not just for experts. Hearing Review. 2021;28(2):27-30.
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