Nothing comes close the Widex Premium Experience 

We don’t just aim to get the job done, but to provide a Premium Experience at every touchpoint, whether placing an order, addressing patient issues, or simply calling our Customer Care team.

Expert Customer Care Team

Did you know the average years of experience per customer care rep is seven years? This is knowledge that translates into a higher level of support for you and your patients. Our personalized e-commerce team training, consumer hotline and live chat are all examples of the Widex Difference in action. 

In fact, the average wait time for service is an industry-leading 23 seconds. 

Far faster than other manufacturer wait times, within the hearing aid industry and beyond.

The “difference” is in the details

We understand that the ‘difference’ is in the details, and our commitment to providing your patients with expertly crafted hearing aid solutions – when they need them – leaves no stone unturned when it comes to anticipating their expectations.

Continuously improving the journey

From delivery to the end user’s experience, we constantly seek to improve both the customer and consumer journey – all with an eye towards sustainability. From embracing rechargeable hearing aid technology, to carbon-neutral production at our global headquarters, you can be sure we strive for sustainability at every stage. 

Highly rated e-commerce site 

Widex offers numerous ways to further support you. This includes, our highly rated e-commerce site saves you time so you can put more focus on changing your patients’ lives.
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Here for your patients when they need it the most 

We’re also enhancing Widex Express Repair, our fantastic service that saves you and your patients time by enabling you to replace the defective hearing aid up front before the patient even brings it back to you! This service improves the patient experience by avoiding an extra trip for the patient and creates efficiency for you as an HCP by needing one less appointment on your calendar, which you can use to book a new patient!
Benefits of Express Repair

Strategic supply chain management 

Thanks to our forward-looking product planning and strategic supply chain management programs, Widex has not experienced any significant product shortages that would impede your ability to meet the needs of your patients. Immediate availability of the product you need when you need it most – along with the high-quality experience you expect – are hallmarks of the Widex Premium Experience that you can continue to rely upon in 2022 and beyond. 

How We Deliver Success

Everyone at Widex stands behind the Widex Difference, a difference rooted in the passionate pursuit of natural, distortion-free sound that is supported by our core pillars of Audiology Allies, Unique Technologies, and Premium Experience. By providing you with the solutions you need to demonstrate the Widex Difference, more patients than ever before will become knowledgeable, loyal Widex customers for you. Follow the link below to be connected with your local Widex rep.

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