"I had this need to hear"

Monica Dreger knows what people want. Not only because she’s intuitive, but because she listens. In fact, Dreger is a well-respected, professionally trained listener.
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“Society doesn’t react the same to wearing glasses for vision correction,” she says. “That’s too bad because it’s better to get hearing aids earlier rather than later.”

The Journey Begins — With Television

“I remember watching TV with my roommates without the subtitles and thinking, ‘Are we all noticing this? Are we all hearing it okay?’” Dreger says of her struggles. “That’s when I understood my hearing wasn’t normal.”

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Hearing Aids for a Busy Life

“Monica is incredibly busy, and she came to us looking for a hearing solution to match her on-the-go lifestyle,” Dr. Ian Gerszewski, AuD and President of South Bay Hearing and Balance Center, said. “Having worn hearing aids for over 20 years, she’s always appreciated the importance of hearing health and taking action, but Widex Moment Sheer was different. Between the rechargeability, easy smartphone connectivity and vast sound quality improvements, Monica now has a hearing solution that can keep up with her.”  

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