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Going beyond one-size-fits-all

An ear canal has its own unique shape, size, curves, and grooves. So, instead of using average data gained from artificial measurements, we tailor the sound to each individual user. Our advanced technology estimates the specifics of each ear canal and integrates user preferences for a truly personalized sound experience.

Where the hearing aid and ear tip sit in the ear can change the sound the wearer experiences. To capture this, we measure hearing with the hearing aid in the ear. From there, we adjust settings to match each wearer’s needs – and we give wearers the ability to fine-tune their own hearing aids, too.

With Widex MySound™ in the Widex app, users gain AI-powered control to fine-tune their sound settings in real time. The allows balancing of comfort and audibility, tailored to each person’s unique needs and preferences.

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Learn how our advanced technology and Widex MySound™ empower users for a hearing experience as unique as they are.

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Widex TruAcoustics™

TruAcoustics gives your patients personal sound by combining in situ earmold acoustics and individual ear canal characteristics to configure their hearing aid fitting.
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Artificial intelligence

AI powered personalisation found in My Sound gives your clients the power to help themselves in any listening situation.
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Widex MySound™

Widex MySound, our powerful and intuitive AI-assisted personalisation, is founded on the philosophy that no matter how good technology becomes, it means nothing without the valuable input of the user.
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SoundSense Learn

SoundSense Learn is the industry's only real-time machine learning feature, providing a new level of hearing performance through artifical intelligence.
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Real-Life Insights

Widex Real-Life Insights empowers you with data on your client’s personal hearing aid settings.
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Audibility Extender

The Audibility Extender extends the range of audibility by moving inaudible sounds and environmental sounds to a frequency region where they are audible. 
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Method using laser technology to make an impression of the hearing aid user’s ear canal and turns this data into a 3D computer model.
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