Remove the guess work from counseling and fine-tuning hearing aids with Widex Real-Life Insights. 
You can’t follow your patient around while they’re going about their day, so often you’re left in the dark as to why they adjust their hearing aids—or at best, you can discuss what they remember about a specific hearing challenge at a consultation or fine-tuning appointment. But even then, days or weeks later, they may struggle to remember the challenge or to describe it in the right words, making it difficult for you to translate what they’re saying into the appropriate adjustments to their hearing aids.

Widex Real-Life Insights is the first ever data technology to bring you insights into the choices your patients make when they create a new personal program. Included in the latest update to Compass™ GPS, it’s like you have an opportunity to be there with your patient when they’re adjusting their hearing aids – even while you’re back in your office. 

There’s no more guess work in counseling and fine-tuning your patients’ hearing aids. It gives you a stronger foundation to tailor your fitting, counsel your patients, and build closer relationships with them—all increasing their satisfaction.

How Real-Life Insights Work

Enabled by 2.4 GHz connectivity, Real-Life Insights is a technology that allows for data sharing between connected WIDEX MOMENT™ and EVOKE™ hearing aids and Compass™ GPS. With your patient’s consent, the solution automatically shares data about their saved hearing aid programs from their smartphones to the Widex Cloud and Compass GPS. Real-Life Insights works with both programs they create manually or with the real-time machine learning AI in SoundSense Learn.

With this information, you can provide more tailored hearing care to each and every individual patient. 
Learn more about how to use Real-Life Insights in our guide.

What Real-Life Insights Includes

The Real-Life Insights dashboard shows you the number of personal programs created and used during a certain period. You can select a given program to dig deeper into:

  • Equalizer settings
  • Left and right volume settings
  • Use of mute function
  • Environmental category
  • Frequency and length of use 
  • Whether the program was created manually or with SoundSense Learn 

What is SoundSense Learn? 

SoundSense Learn is the advanced real-time machine learning algorithm in WIDEX MOMENT™ and EVOKE™ hearing aids with 2.4 GHz direct connectivity. It guides users to optimize their hearing in the moment using a series of simple A/B listening comparisons. SoundSense Learn helps patients create hearing programs with their smartphones in an easy and intuitive way.

SoundSense Learn has thousands of users and counting. A recent study shows that 80% of participants would recommend SoundSense Learn to others. 

Sharing data is easy and safe

Getting the insights from the user’s smartphone to the hearing care professional’s software requires your patient’s consent. In their Widex smartphone app, users can easily give or decline consent to sharing their data and change their minds at any time. Data is securely shared between the smartphone app and the fitting software via Widex Cloud Services.

Benefits of 2.4 GHz Direct Connectivity

WIDEX MOMENT™ and EVOKE™ hearing aids with 2.4 GHz connectivity are the only hearing aids that can provide Real-Life Insights, but it’s not the only benefit of choosing a Widex hearing aid with direct 2.4GHz connectivity. With 2.4 GHz hearing aids, your patients also gain the power to personalize sound in the moment with SoundSense Learn, while you gain visibility into their hearing choices with Real-Life Insights.

Another Way to BE THERE for Your Patients 

WIDEX REMOTE CARE gives you and your patients the chance to connect face-to-face via a remote connection using the REMOTE LINK device, their smartphone, and the REMOTE CARE app. It makes it easy to be there for your patient when they can’t make it to your clinic, or even if they simply prefer to explain a challenging listening situation to you while they’re in it. REMOTE CARE is an option for all Widex wireless hearing aids that can be programmed with Compass GPS– not just 2.4 GHz hearing aids. 

With the many possibilities for connecting and improving sound with SoundSense Learn, Real-Life Insights and REMOTE CARE, you can build a stronger relationship with your patient where you improve hearing together. 

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