Widex stands out from other brands according to a recent survey

According to a survey conducted among hearing care professionals (HCPs) in the US, Widex hearing aids have the lowest rate of returns and follow-up appointments.

A total of 246 hearing care professionals (HCPs) in the US took part in the survey, which analyzed the ability to run an efficient business and day-to-day hearing care practice. 

The survey revealed many similarities between the six major hearing aid brands, but Widex stood out on two parameters: return rates and number of follow-ups. Both results were the lowest.

Return rates
When HCPs were asked what proportion of hearing aid wearers tried hearing aids and ended up not keeping them, Widex's return rate (21%) for first-time wearers was lower than for any other brand. 

“It's important to remember that first time fittings are time consuming, time that is wasted by both the HCP and the wearer if it doesn't result in a purchase,” says Dana Helmink, Sr. Director, Audiological Development.

In addition, HCPs were asked how often hearing aid wearers request to switch from one brand to another. Again, Widex got the lowest number, meaning there were fewer requests to switch from Widex.

“These two aspects are important because they can convert potential first-time wearers into happy and loyal customers,” states Jodi Sasaki, Director, Professional Education Programs.

Follow-up appointments
Widex leads with the lowest number of follow-up appointments required during the trial period and after (within six months of the initial fitting).

A low number of follow-up appointments has two implications. First, it means that less time is spent on follow-ups, allowing HCPs to spend more time on other important tasks, including counselling and fitting new wearers. Second, wearers who request fewer follow-ups are likely to be more satisfied with the brand they choose and the service they receive from their HCP. This in turn can lead to more word-of-mouth referrals for Widex.

Satisfaction with Widex features
In addition to the questions comparing brands, the survey also included a range of questions that addressed specific Widex features. Three key Widex features also stand out in terms of familiarity and satisfaction:

  • The first is Widex PureSound™, a program in Widex Moment™ hearing aids that minimizes signal processing delays contributing to artifacts in other brands. This optimizes sound quality for wearers with mild-to-moderate hearing loss, which likely contributes to the lowest rejection rate among first-time wearers.
  • The second key feature is the Sensogram, which has been an important step in the Widex fitting process as this in-situ measure provides a more realistic image of the individual wearer’s hearing. This may contribute to the low number of follow-ups by making the fitting more individualized.
  • The third key feature is Widex SoundRelax™, the latest generation of Widex fractal sounds, which is well established as a sound therapy for tinnitus and useful for the wearer who wants to promote relaxation and manage stress.

About the survey

The survey was designed by the independent research consultancy Heart+Mind Strategies to investigate HCP’s perceptions of the six major hearing aid brands on the US market. The survey included questions about all brands on purchasing behaviors, time burden, and selected product characteristics, with some additional questions on specific Widex features for which HCP perception is particularly important.

246 participants (audiologists or licensed hearing aid dispensers) were recruited by Charter Oak Research via telephone and email. Both online and telephone options were offered to complete the survey. The survey took approximately 20 minutes to complete and was conducted in February 2023.

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