TruAcoustics™ – built on the ambition to deliver perfect sound at the eardrum

Since 2006, audiologists have been using our advanced AISA system to estimate how the ear mould and the vent effect will influence the gain for individual hearing aid users. AISA was a highly accurate model, trusted by hearing care professionals all over the world, until the advent of instant ear-tips and open fittings.

While custom moulds and custom ear-tips are very consistent in their acoustic properties, instant ear-tips are very much the opposite, with large variation between individual users in the amount of direct sound entering the ear. This led us to a large-scale investigation and the development of a more accurate and intricate model that we call TruAcoustics™. This new algorithm introduces a better way of calculating gain to address the dramatic increase in the use of instant eartips over the past 10 years.

An essential step in personalization and customization

When Widex introduced machine learning powered by the Widex cloud, we promised a smarter tomorrow. Tomorrow is here. Utilizing consented cloud data, the fit to target properties from more than 8,500 individual fittings were analysed. Summarizing these fittings across bands revealed more than 99% of bands are on target or within 5dB for mild and moderate and more than 97% on target or within 5 dB for severe and severe-profound. Leveraging cloud data inspired us to implement further improvements to the TruAcoustics™ model in late 2020. This evolution led to enhanced Widex sound characteristics in a broader range of fittings and demonstrates our dedication to natural perfect sound.

TruAcoustics is another leap toward even more natural sound

Our heritage is to secure audibility of speech at normal input levels, allow loud sounds to sound loud without being uncomfortable and lift soft sounds to audible levels. The target is natural, perfect sound. If you have less than optimal control of the in-situ acoustics you risk not delivering the optimum sound. TruAcoustics™ calculates fittings more accurately than ever before and builds the foundation for the natural sound of Widex MOMENT™.

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