real-life hearing consumer workshops

Save time while providing value-added service to your patients. Efficiently help your patients learn how to customize their listening efforts with SoundSense Learn!

Help Your Patients Benefit From SoundSense Learn

One of the most exceptional features about EVOKE, is that wearers can take control of their listening experience to hear their best in the moment. It is easy to see how providing a quick and simple solution such as SoundSense Learn can provide benefits for everyone! Best part, Widex has everything prepared for you and will help you host your first event!

Why a Workshop?

  • Inexpensive option to save your clinic time
  • Provide value-added services through education
  • Opportunity for interaction with peers for better learning
  • Additional support during trial period for long-term benefit
  • Fun environment providing great patient care

  • Things needed
    • - Schedule 1 hour for the workshop
    • - Location – Find an inexpensive, nearby location.
    • Ideas:
    • - Waiting room during off hours
    • - Meeting room at your facility
    • - Room at local library or civic center
    • - Local Fast Casual location (e.g. Panera) 
    • - Light refreshments

  • Widex will provide
      • - Onsite support in hosting your first workshop
      • - Office Signup sheet to easily keep a running list for NEW EVOKE fittings
      • - Patient Invitation cards
      • - Attendee take away tools

    "SoundSense Learn workshops are very popular with our patients…They are so excited by it. And it’s really loud and noisy, and they get a kick out of--the same situation, the same noise, and they program their hearing aids totally differently." - Dr. Debbie Clark

    Interested in hosting an event?

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