SoundSense Adapt

New adaptive learning algorithm that learns wearers' adjustments

SoundSense Adapt is a new adaptive learning algorithm that learns from the EVOKE wearers' adjustments gradually over time to optimize their listening preferences automatically.

  • Works with almost all EVOKE styles including the cosmetic PASSION size 10 RIC and CIC styles to the flexible FASHION POWER size 13 BTE style.* 
  • Applied changes can be viewed in data logging, saving you time! With EVOKE, you are able to see the wearers' sound environments AND how they control their hearing devices in those environments. Use this information at each follow-up visit to better understand your patients' habits and progress. You can then continue using the feature, reset it, or turn it off.
Preference control can be accessed via onboard hearing device controls, DEX devices, the EVOKE app** and through Widex' new, simple-to-use TONELINK app for easy smartphone control, compatible with any style of EVOKE*:

The TONELINK smart app uses a high-frequency signal to allow the following end-user adjustments:
  1. Program
  2. Mute / Unmute
  3. Preference Control
  4. Directional Focus
*Works with all styles except EVOKE CIC Micro
**Works with FUSION2 312 RIC 2.4 only
SoundSense Adapt helps make each day the best hearing day possible for EVOKE wearers
  • Whether the EVOKE wearer is new or experienced, SoundSense Adapt is designed to reduce the long-term need for volume changes. The benefit is easier in-the-moment hearing for wearers of any age or lifestyle.
  • SoundSense technology is especially beneficial during the EVOKE trial period when wearers are adjusting to new sounds.

Have you ever had a patient who has difficulty hearing in the car or in a restaurant, but hears great everywhere else?
SoundSense Adapt learns independently in each Sound Class so that EVOKE wearers can turn preference control up in one Sound Class and down in another Sound Class without blending preferences. Truly intelligent adaptation to the EVOKE wearer's needs!

Learn more about SoundSense Adapt and the TONELINK app with EVOKE marketing and support materials
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