Dedicated Music Sound Classes

Research shows Widex is a preferred choice for musicians. Now, Widex EVOKE offers two new sound classes. 
EVOKE offers two new sound classes - contemporary and classical
Widex EVOKE now offers two new distinct music sound classes -- Contemporary and Classical -- to provide an even greater performance, regardless of the type of music.
  • EVOKE automatically detects and differentiates between contemporary and classical music types to naturally preserve and enhance the intensity and frequency range accordingly.
    • Contemporary sound class is for music that is louder with less sound level fluctuations, such as listening to modern recordings.
    • Classical sound class is for music that has large variations in sound level and frequency, such as when listening to an orchestra.
  • Widex True Input Technology provides a sound window and dynamic range of 113 dB SPL and 108 dB, guaranteeing listeners access to the full range of music without distortion.
Hearing device wearers can just listen and enjoy music without having to think about it
Widex provides clean and natural music sound quality, preserving the nuances for different genres of music automatically.
This superior music representation makes Widex a preferred hearing device for music.*
When making the important decision to move forward with better hearing, individuals want the best hearing solution in all environments, including the delicate sounds of music.
EVOKE allows for listeners to feel the music again like the way they expect it to be, because Widex provides Real-Life Hearing™.
For help discussing the benefits of music sound classes to your patients, check out these tools: 
  1. True Input Technology video. See how Widex hearing devices are able to capture and preserve a full range of sound.  
  2. Reference materials: learn more about Widex sound class technology with these reference guides for professionals and consumers. 
    1. Download CRM20
    2. Download DRM294

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