Widex EVOKE offers industry-leading personalization during the fitting process to help you achieve patient success from the first fit!
Getting it right on the first fit
Step 1. Simply select the patient's experience level and open versus closed coupling, and Compass GPS will automatically select the first fit profile best for your patient.
Step 2. During the feedback test, the Widex vent compensation assessment evaluates five physical parameters to provide optimal gain for audibility:
  1. Vent length
  2. Vent diameter
  3. Ear canal volume
  4. Leakage around the ear-tip or shell
  5. Tympanic compliance
Widex Feedback Test

Step 3. The Widex Sensogram uses in-situ testing to provide a more personalized first fit. In-situ testing accounts for the patient’s hearing loss as well as ear canal resonance for better fitting accuracy.

Widex Fitting Sensogram

Download the Compass GPS Quick Fitting Guide for more information
The Widex personalization fitting saves you and your patient time 
  • Save time with less fine tuning
  • Experience better first fits and demos
  • Help your patients hear their best
  • All within minutes and without extra equipment
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