Did you know hearing devices with poor battery efficiency often compromise on hearing device performance to maintain battery life?
EVOKE battery efficiency
Widex EVOKE offers the industry's best battery efficiency so that your patients do not have to compromise between all day reliability and the best sound quality possible — even when streaming.

EVOKE offers 30% more processing power while preserving battery efficiency — so EVOKE wearers are always ready for their real-life hearing™ moments.
A reliable, affordable, convenient experience
Whether your patients are using traditional zinc air batteries or the ZPower® Second Generation Rechargeable System, they will enjoy the EVOKE extended battery life for a more reliable, affordable and convenient experience.

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Great news! Widex ZPower Second Generation Rechargeable offers better short-term and long-term reliability. Get more patients to experience the superior battery efficiency of EVOKE with ZPower Second Generation. Find out how Widex can help.

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