Widex PureSound™ with ZeroDelay™ provides significantly better neural representation of the speech signal.
How does processing delay impact speech understanding?
Listeners rely on temporal envelope cues for robust speech comprehension in quiet and noisy environments. Processing delay can distort those cues and compromise speech comprehension.
Objective Measures of Neural Encoding
Electroencephalography (EEG) is used to record neural activity and measure how well the auditory system responds to speech frequencies. Robust envelope-following responses (EFR), indicate better speech-in-noise comprehension.
WIDEX MOMENT™ promotes synchrony and preserves the natural envelope with ZeroDelay™ Processing

PureSound™, featuring ZeroDelay™ technology, found in the WIDEX MOMENT™, promotes robust neural tracking of the speech envelope.

  • The EFRs measured with the more closely resemble the stimulus compared to the two other manufacturers. 
  • PureSound™ maintains the greatest sustained energy (visualized by yellow and light blue) in the time-frequency domain, indicating a more robust encoding of the temporal envelope.
By better preserving the stimulus, WIDEX MOMENT™ provides a more pure and natural sound for a superior listening experience.
What does this mean for Hearing Healthcare Professionals?
  • While traditionally considered acceptable, the longer processing delays of 6 and 8 ms from two leading manufacturers are found to greatly distort neural envelope tracking.
  • Successful speech comprehension may require greater cognitive energy (i.e., effort) when the quality of the signal available to the listener is suboptimal.
  • The ZeroDelay™ technology behind PureSound™ processing enhances the transparency of open-fit hearing aids by removing spectral and temporal distortions associated with hearing aid delay.
  • Faithful neural representation and reduced listening effort are likely contributors to the strong preference for PureSound™. 
  • WIDEX MOMENT™ promotes device adoption and satisfaction as we help our patients return to the world of natural sounds.

WIDEX MOMENT™: Backed by Science. Proven in Tests. Preferred in Real Life.

Slugocki C, Kuk F, Korhonen P, Ruperto N. Neural Encoding of the stimulus envelope facilitated by Widex ZeroDelay™ technology. Hearing Review. 2020;27(8):28-31