There are many reasons why patients find it hard to adjust to hearing aids, but a very common one is that “it sounds like a hearing aid.” But what does that mean? 
Why does a hearing aid sound like a hearing aid?
When direct sound enters the ear canal through or around an instant ear-tip, it combines with sound from the hearing aid. The timing difference between the direct sound and the hearing aid sound produces a distortion, known as the comb-filter effect, that wearers describe as “artificial,” “tinny,” or “like a hearing aid.” 
WIDEX MOMENT™ solves the comb-filter effect with PureSound™ powered by ZeroDelay™ processing.
The magnitude of this distortion is directly related to the delay caused by processing, which for most manufacturers ranges from four to eight milliseconds. Widex PureSound™ reduces the delay to under 0.5 milliseconds, shattering industry standards and eradicating the comb-filter effect. 
Sound Quality Preferences
In a study of sound quality in real-life situations/scenarios, 100% participants with normal hearing and 85% of those with hearing loss preferred Widex Pure Sound™
  • For each of 20 individual scenarios/situations, the majority of preferences were for PureSound.
  • For individual situations/scenarios, there were more than three times as many PureSound preferences than standard delay preferences.
The fact that 100% of participants with normal hearing preferred PureSound™ demonstrates that hearing aid processing delay has a strong influence on what wearers perceive as “natural” sound. Of the two patients who did not prefer PureSound™, one had severe tinnitus, which may have affected his ability to hear comb-filter distortion.
What does this mean for Hearing Healthcare Professionals?
  • Processing delay introduces a source of distortion, the comb-filter effect, that adversely impacts wearer perceptions and adoption of hearing aids.
  • Widex PureSound™ offers an improved and more true-to-nature listening experience for patients with mild-to-moderate hearing loss and new hearing aid wearers without compromising speech intelligibilty.**
  • WIDEX MOMENT™ hearing aids offer the Universal program with superior sound quality for patients with moderately severe-to-severe hearing loss — although they may benefit from Widex PureSound™ in some situations.
  • WIDEX MOMENT™ offers TruAcoustics™ for both the PureSound™ and Universal pathways for a more personalized and accurate fit.
  • WIDEX MOMENT™ hearing aids truly offer a solution for every hearing loss.

WIDEX MOMENT™: Backed by Science. Proven in Tests. Preferred in Real Life.

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**Francis Kuk, Neal Ruperto, Christopher Slugocki, Petri Korhonen (2020). A MOMENT of truth: Efficacy of directional microphones in open fitting under realistic signal-to-noise ratios. Hearing
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