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WIDEX MOMENT™ is the first hearing aid that doesn't sound like a hearing aid

With the new PureSound™ pathway, WIDEX MOMENT™ processes sound so fast it eliminates the distortion that causes most hearing aids to sound artificial to wearers - especially for new hearing aid wearers. Put on some headphones and hear the difference between WIDEX MOMENT™ and typical hearing aid processing with our sound demo. 

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The flexibility of the WIDEX MOMENT™ dual signal processing pathway offers all wearers pure, natural sound quality, whether through PureSound™ powered by ZeroDelay™ technology or the classic Widex pathway and its industry-leading sound quality. All the while, TruAcoustics™ ensures the most precise fit based on every wearer's unique hearing loss and ear canal physiology. 

"I am hearing sounds I haven't heard in 25 years"

Renowned Guitarist and Toto Front Man Steve Lukather Talks About His ‘Life-Changing’ Decision to Wear WIDEX MOMENT™ Hearing Aids
It took a while to get used to because I was hearing frequencies I hadn’t heard in so long. And I know some can be plastic-y sounding, but these WIDEX hearing aids are much better. And I can switch between settings depending on where I am and what I need to hear.
Steve lukather

Thoughts from Hearing Care Professionals

These are genuinely astonishing hearing aids, they delivered real clarity in every sound setting I put them to the test in. They offer crisp speech even in tougher sound environments, all while pretending they aren't there. 
Geoffrey Cooling, Hearing AId know
They are so easy to fit and they sound amazing! Everyone LOVES the sound and one patient actually started to cry because the sound was so incredible!
Alison, hearing healthcare professional

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