Looking to assist more patients, in tinnitus relief? you need an effective marketing strategy. And we can help! Strengthen your brand with Widex 360⁰ Marketing.


Approximately 250 million people worldwide suffer from Tinnitus.

With our 360⁰ marketing approach, we can help you to Elevate your practice and target those suffering from Tinnitus so that you can offer them Widex Tinntius Solutions. Save time and money by choosing professionally designed targeted campaigns, customized to meet your business goals.

Our team members will advise on best strategies and share top-performing, cost-effective campaigns.

  • Proven successful campaigns
  • Call tracking & analytics
  • Free creative design services
  • Free access to industry marketing experts
“[Widex tinnitus solutions] are a game-changer for my patients and my career. Widex understands that there’s a broad spectrum of hearing care—not just hearing loss—which makes them the right company to address the needs of a wide range of patients.”">Laura Mount, AuD.


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