What if you could give your patients a higher level of customized sound?

With TruAcoustics – a new gain calibration algorithm in Widex MOMENT™ – you can! Taking into account in situ earmold acoustics and the patient's ear canal characteristics, you can deliver a more precise sound experience to meet each patient’s unique needs.

How does TruAcoustics™ work?

By measuring vent effect, loop gain, and properties of the feedback path from receiver to microphone, TruAcoustics™ optimizes the prescribed gain for better first fit and personalized long-term sound quality.
As a result, you can control the acoustics at the eardrum, to provide your patients with a more natural listening experience. 

How to explain TruAcoustics™ benefit to your patients

"With TruAcoustics™, you can benefit from a more personalized fitting experience that delivers highly customized sound. You also experience less boominess and a better perception of your own voice! This means that you can focus less on your hearing aids and more on hearing better in the moment."

Tools to support your practice and patients

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