Getting the most of the Widex MOMENTâ„¢ app 

Did you know the MOMENT App gives your patients more ways than ever to personalize their hearing experience – and contribute to greater satisfaction and success? The app includes three main features to deliver a fully customized experience for every moment:

  • SoundSense Learn is the industry’s only real-time machine learning to quickly and easily personalize a listening situation.
  • Sound Mixer for advanced balance control between the environment and streaming signal for phone calls, music, ZEN tinnitus therapy, or even when accessing loop systems.
  • Personalized Programs give the option to create, customize, and save preferred settings. Great for that weekly card game or meeting.

Patients can control their hearing aids 

With the MOMENT App, patients have the option to control their hearing aids using a simple app on their iPhone or Android device. This makes it easier than ever to fine-tune their hearing and get the sound they prefer – exactly when they want it. The MOMENT app is highly intuitive for users, and its new dark mode appearance provides discretion as they make adjustments.

Tools to support your practice and patients

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