improving hearing with real-time machine learning


Embedded in the EVOKE™ app, SoundSense Learn leverages the power of real-time machine learning and data from over 40,000 hearing aid wearers to guide your patients to better, more personalized hearing in real-life situations. By indicating their preference in a series of A/B listening comparisons, patients can quickly customize their hearing experience to meet their needs and intentions.
Why did Widex develop SoundSense Learn? 
As much as you might want to, you can’t always be there to help your patients hear their best in challenging situations. It’s next to impossible to solve your patients’ Friday night problems on Monday morning. SoundSense Learn gives your patients the ability to solve their problems when they happen. 

And with Real-Life Insights, you can see which personal programs work the best for them in Compass GPS.


By helping your patients hear their best when it matters the most to them, Hearing Healthcare Professionals benefit in several ways. By teaching your patients to use SoundSense Learn effectively, you can: 
  • Reduce fine-tuning confusion
  • Save time
  • Provide solutions in the moment 
  • Personalize hearing in real time
  • Improve hearing in noise
  • Increase patient satisfaction 
  • Reduce returns

"When you’re able to make changes in real time, in a real situation, it can really improve how a person is hearing in that particular situation. If you can’t do it in real time, then it’s all just guesswork." - Dr. Debbie Clark 


When your patients use SoundSense Learn, they input their location and hearing intention. Drawing on data from the Widex Cloud, a machine learning algorithm generates two combinations of hearing aid settings that may improve that patient’s ability to hear. Your patients choose one and indicate how much they prefer it. The process repeats itself up to 12 times, but the wearer can stop at any point once they’re satisfied with how they’re hearing.


Widex is making your life easier by saving you time and money with a new series of Real-Life Hearing Workshops. Help your patients benefit from SoundSense Learn in an interactive and fun environment. 


The digital hearing aid revolution that started in the ‘80s is on the brink of its next evolution: machine learning. What will it mean for end users? For you? We’ve taken a look in our crystal ball and have some predictions.
We’ve tested SoundSense Learn to gain an insight into the user’s experience of this new technology, which was recently launched with the WIDEX EVOKE™ platform.
Hearing aid manufacturers are increasingly talking about artificial intelligence and machine learning. But what are these two concepts? And how does this technology impact our industry – and your practice?

Learn how SoundSense Learn can benefit your practice and patients.