Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is used in many industries and technologies today – even if it’s not something you notice. Hearing aids are no exception.

For years, hearing aids have been using AI to figure out your patients' listening environment and provide the best sound. These days, AI in hearing aids does much more than that.


An AI is a computer program that can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, like seeing, recognizing speech, making decisions, or translating between languages. However, not all AIs are created equal. There are different levels of AI. The most common is symbolic AI, where a machine learns to perform a human task.

A more advanced form of AI is called machine learning. A machine learning AI or algorithm learns to predict future outcomes, either based on human input or on its own experiences, without being explicitly programmed. Widex’ AI-based personalization feature, SoundSense Learn, is a machine learning algorithm that optimizes hearing aid settings to achieve their wearer's goals.


SoundSense Learn calculates the best possible hearing settings in the moment based on input from the hearing aid wearer—as well as the data from thousands and thousands of previous uses of the algorithm. As SoundSense Learn gets smarter, it continues to get faster at calculating the best sound for each user.

Which hearing aids offer AI?

To enjoy the benefits of SoundSense Learn, patients must wear one of Widex’ 2.4 GHz-enabled hearing aids and use the app that was developed specifically for these hearing aids. Below you can see which hearing aids offer SoundSense Learn.  
This is a beautiful and discreet 2.4 GHz hearing aid that comes with all the hearing benefits of SoundSense Learn Artificial Intelligence technology.

To make it more flexible for you to work with, it comes with four receivers and has a wide fitting range.

This is the smallest rechargeable lithium-ion hearing aid on the market.

With this hearing aid you can choose between two powerful receivers that cover a wide fitting range. That way you can make your service more personalized – without needing a large variety of stock.

The new receiver design conveniently works with all Widex ear tips. 
Our first hearing aid to offer SoundSense Learn and 2.4 GHz connectivity!

WIDEX EVOKE™ RIC 312 D is a discreet hearing aid. Your patients can choose between a rechargeable solution or use conventional batteries – whichever best matches their needs and lifestyle.

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