From new styles and features to the latest technological advancements, the WIDEX MOMENT
continues to offer a more natural and personalized sound experience than ever! Discover what you and your patients have been waiting for.

TV PLAY Compatibility 

Now compatible with all MOMENT devices

We’re happy to deliver this much requested update, to help you meet the needs of your patients looking for a personalized TV sound experience.

The firmware update has already been implemented. All your patients have to do is update their firmware and then they are set to start streaming quality TV sound directly into their hearing aids. 

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There is a MOMENT for everyone!

BTE 13 D

The WIDEX BTE 13 D overcomes the challenges of fitting open/vented fits for mild-to moderate hearing loss with the Widex PureSound™ paradigm. Special features include:

  • Direct wireless mobile connectivity (2.4 GHz)
  • Multiple wireless connectivity via WidexLink technology and TONELINK App
  • Compatible with the DEX assistive listening devices
  • 4 performance levels: 440/330/220/110
  • Preference control, program button and telecoil are standard
  • Uses a size 13 battery
  • Compatible with TV PLAY
  • Protection class IP68
  • Fits minimal to severe-to-profound hearing loss


The non-wireless WIDEX CIC MICRO is perfect for patients who prefer the smallest possible and most discreet solution, with outstanding,automatic sound processing. Special features include:

  • Programs change via TONELINK app
  • 4 performance levels: 440/330/220/110
  • Uses a size 10 battery
  • Protection class IP68
  • Fits mild to severe hearing loss

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More Patient Personalization via the NEW AI-Powered MySound

New Artificial Intelligence Engine 

SoundSense Learn and the new My Sound, our new artificial intelligence engine within the MOMENT app, delivers more personalized sound than ever! Available for any WIDEX MOMENT hearing aid, My Sound offers an instant path to real-time customization. My Sound delivers highly qualified recommendations for the wearer built on the intent, needs and preferences of thousands of real users in real environments. 

Listen to Oliver Townend talk about My Sound and how it can benefit you and your patients. 

New Accessory! 

Widex Charge n' Clean

We’ve listened to customers like you who’ve demanded a combined charger and dryer/sanitizer for our rechargeable RIC hearing aids. We’re excited to introduce the new Widex Charge n’ Clean!

  • This new accessory charges, dries and disinfects.
  • Compact and portable, ensure your patients get the most from the MOMENT device
  • Easy to use, featuring intuitive light indicators, so your patients will always know when they’re hearing aids are ready.

Fitting MOMENT is Easier with TruAcoustics

Fitting and Display Improvements

Further improvements to GPS 4.2  and TruAcoustics™ enhance the performance for a broader range of fittings. This will result in an overall increase to the max available gain in most fitting cases and a number of visual improvements in several views and features, for instance:

  • More headroom displayed in the feedback test and available gain in fine tuning
  • Increased access to gain when REM is performed
  • Changed default graphics to view insertion gain vs frequency 
  • More information for Real-Life Insights
  • New SmartSpeak Workflow 
  • Copying hearing aids is easier 
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Ready to benefit from all these improvements? 

Make sure you have the MOMENT firmware update! 

The firmware update provides an improvement in battery life, and it makes sure that the hearing aids have correct TV PLAY compatibility. Please note that you do not need to update the firmware in TV PLAY, only the firmware in the new hearing aids. 

The update also makes sure you can use Noahlink Wireless for fitting the hearing aids. You cannot use Noahlink Wireless to fit an mRIC RD or a RIC 312 D containing older firmware. Note that you can also update the firmware via the MOMENT APP 1.2.

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