EasyWear wired receiver, thin tube, and ear-tip solutions help you and your clients get the perfect fit. Both functional and cosmetically appealing, EasyWear is robust and features an ergonomic design.

The specific Widex hearing aid model determines whether you'll use EasyWear or V.2 EasyWear.


For many hearing aid users, the advantages of exceptional sound provided by RIC/RITE hearing aids can be compromised by sideways movement of the ear-tip and a lack of comfort. This movement, known as lateral migration, can be characterised by the need for the user to frequently push the receiver back into the ear canal because of lateral movement when they move their jaw. 

Another problem for users is what we call the cosmetic gap between the earwire and the side of the head. Traditionally, most receivers are connected to the hearing aid via an earwire that does not take into account the course of the user's ear canal.

The unique Widex EasyWear solution solves both challenges.


  • Superior acoustical stability
  • Good distribution closed to open vent effect
  • Improved flexibility for comfort and fit
  • Better fit for high frequency gain
  • Better fit for soft sounds


The perfect fit for your clients

The patent-pending design of V.2 EasyWear/ EasyWear allows for a better physical fit, stability in the ear canal and a more cosmetically appealing appearance.

Because it follows the contours of the ear, V.2 EasyWear/ EasyWear solves both the problem of sideways movement and the cosmetic gap.

A more comfortable, secure fit

The unique design of EasyWear bends the wires close to the head to give a more comfortable, secure fit. Because it is discreet, it also means that it is extremely cosmetically appealing.

The fit of EasyWear means no sideways movement for your clients.

The specific Widex hearing aid model determines whether you'll use EasyWear or V.2 EasyWear.


Proven to be easy

According to a survey, nearly 30 percent hearing aid users experience problems with lateral migration, cosmetic gaps or both.

A study made by Sweetow et al. looks more into the issue of lateral migration and cosmetic gaps in RIC hearing aids

Read a summary of the study

Fit a wider range of your clients

Because the receiver is smaller, it can be fit to a much wider range of your clients - including people with a smaller ear canal. The design also means a much more ergonomic and comfortable fit.

Stays connected

Built to last, the wire in EasyWear is strengthened with Kevlar making it just about unbreakable. The wires are not just stronger but more flexible to bend in to shape for a better fit

Download the earpiece overview (pdf)


V.2 EasyWear / EasyWear Thin Tubes provide the perfect fit for users of Widex hearing aids.

  • Ergonomic design that fits perfectly in the ear
  • Cosmetically appealing appearance
  • No cosmetic gap between the earwire and the side of the head
  • No lateral migration 
  • No need for an anchor
  • Available in two sizes: 0.9 and 1.4  (1.4 for extended fitting range)


The unique design of EasyWear provides a much more comfortable fit. Your clients will barely notice they are wearing their hearing aids.

The V.2 EasyWear EasyWear portfolio is an ergonomic and comfortable solution that eliminates sideways movement in the ear and enables you to fit more clients without compromising the sound performance.

V.2 EasyWear stainless steel V.2 receivers are designed to be smaller than previous EasyWear designs. This gives users with small ear canals a more comfortable fit.


"The receiver is too visible and the wire sticks out..."

"The receiver/ear-tip causes an itching or tickling in my ear..."

"The ear-tip moves when I'm chewing or talking..."

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Easy insertion and mounting

Since handling receivers can be difficult for some clients, there is a new V.2 EasyWear insertion tool. An extension of the receiver, it makes it easier to insert the receiver in the ear canal.

You can also use the insertion tool to mount the ear-tip to the receiver. This video shows how to do both.

Anchoring optional

V.2 EasyWear has a contoured design that minimises sideways movement. If additional retention is needed, it also comes with an anchor option. See how to attach the anchor here.

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