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Where can I download the BEYOND App for Apple devices?

Click on the icon below:

How many devices can I pair to my BEYOND hearing aids?

Up to 8 Apple devices can be paired to a single set of BEYOND devices for direct-to-iPhone connectivity.

Will the BEYOND work with my Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch will allow volume and program changes as well as access to mute and directional focus options with Apple Watch OS 2.0 or later

Can the BEYOND be paired to an Apple TV?

No. The Apple TV cannot be paired directly to BEYOND devices.

Can an Android phone be paired to the BEYOND hearing aids?

The BEYOND app will be available in early 2017 to use with select Android phones. This will provide advanced hearing aid control with compatible Android phones. Streaming to Android phones will be possible through the Widex COM-DEX, CALL-DEX, and/or UNI-DEX wireless accessories. Please see your hearing healthcare professional for more information on which DEX wireless accessory would work best for your needs.

Can my Bluetooth television be paired directly to my BEYOND hearing aids?

No. Please see list of available DEX wireless accessories to connect your BEYOND hearing aids to your television.

What wireless accessories are compatible with the Widex BEYOND products?

All available Widex DEX wireless accessories will work with BEYOND hearing aids. This includes:

  • The COM-DEX for hands-free phone and music streaming
  • The CALL-DEX for discreet mobile phone use
  • The UNI-DEX for plug and play phone and music streaming
  • The PHONE-DEX for a land-line phone solution
  • The TV-DEX for stereo television streaming
  • The FM+DEX for FM, Telecoil, and audio streaming
  • The RC-DEX for remote control
Please see your hearing healthcare professional for more information on which DEX wireless accessory would work best for your needs.

Do I need to upload the Widex BEYOND app to be able to use the BEYOND with an iPhone?

No. The BEYOND app is not required to use the BEYOND on your iPhone. The BEYOND app is recommended for a variety of fine tuning controls to benefit your listening experience with and without streaming.

Is there a wireless microphone in the BEYOND app?

The iPhone native app offers Live Listen to turn the phone into a remote microphone. This can be accessed by pressing the iPhone home button three times quickly. This triple click will open the iPhone hearing device app and list the Live Listen feature. The Live Listen sound quality can then be modified by going into the BEYOND app.

What are the benefits of downloading the BEYOND app?

The BEYOND app allows BEYOND users to have flexibility and control over their listening environments. The app offers a variety of tools to enhance the listening experience:

  • Program change
  • Preference Control (volume) change separately for right/left ear
  • Equalizer to change the level of bass, middle and treble
  • Sound Mixer to adjust the sound of the streaming signal to the environmental surroundings
  • Directional Focus to change the hearing aid emphasis to right/left/front/back.

Is there a cost to using the Beyond App?

No. The BEYOND app is available at no charge.

Can other people control my hearing aid who have the Beyond App?

Each set of BEYOND hearing aids must be matched to a phone for the BEYOND app to be able to control the hearing aids. As such, users will not be at risk for other BEYOND app users accidentally controlling their hearing aids.

How much memory does the BEYOND app take on my phone?

53 megabytes

What will stream through the BEYOND hearing aids?

Music, phone calls, Facetime calls, movies, audiobooks, etc. can all be streamed through the BEYOND aids directly from the iPhone.
Text/email alerts will not be streamed to the hearing aids to better focus on longer stream signals such as a phone call or music..

Is audio streaming in stereo?

The iPhone streams both right and left audio channels in each ear to allow for better balance and flexibility of volume in either ear.

What program should I use for streaming music?

The BEYOND offers a Universal and a Music program by default. The Music program is specifically designed to enhance the dynamic qualities of both live and streamed music. As such, it is recommended to use the music program for streaming music. This can easily be selected through the BEYOND app by selecting “Music”.

Does the BEYOND app have a “find my hearing aids” feature if I lose my hearing aids?

This feature will be available in early 2017.

Do I have to go back to my hearing care professional every time there is an update with the BEYOND App?

The Widex BEYOND offers a special feature that allows the hearing aids to be updated through the BEYOND app when updates are available. This saves you a trip to activate the hearing aids with the App updates. When the BEYOND app has an update, you will see a pop-up window that the hearing aids are being updated. This process will only take a few minutes, and the hearing aids are still active during this update process.