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Articles and Publications

WidexPress 47: Further Improvements to Fitting for Widex MOMENT >

WidexPress 46: Asking the Experts – Hearing Care Professionals’ View of Widex >

WidexPress 45: Widex MOMENT ™ - TruAcoustics™ optimised >

WidexPress 44: Widex MOMENT™ - Quantifying acoustic distortions >

WidexPress 43: Widex MOMENT™ - this sound changes everything >

WidexPress 42: Machine learning in WIDEX EVOKE: Perceptual benefits of SoundSense Learn >

WidexPress 41: Real-life benefits of WIDEX EVOKE: and early look at end-user survey results >

WidexPress 40: Real-life hearing part 2: Assesment and solutions >

WidexPress 39: Real-life hearing part 1: The theory behind >

WidexPress 38: The Widex fitting rationale for EVOKE >

WidexPress 37: A compilation of Widex ZEN therapy evidence >

WidexPress 36: UNIQUE solutions for first time hearing aid wearers >

WidexPress 35: Dream evidence compilation >

WidexPress 34: DREAM CIC MICRO >

WidexPress 33: Widex CROS >

WidexPress 32: An Introduction to Widex Zen Therapy >

WidexPress 31: Evidence for the effectiveness of the Audibility Extender in restoring the perception of high-frequency sound >

WidexPress 30: WidexLink >

WidexPress 29: Evidence for the Benefits of Binaural Amplification >

WidexPress 28: Evidence Supporting the use of Zen as a Tool for Tinnitus and Relaxation >

WidexPress 27: Tinnitus and the Widex Zen program >

WidexPress 26: Why the size of a hearing aid matters when fitting infants and young children >

WidexPress 25: AISA: An accurate method for assessing the acoustic effect of the ear - mould >

WidexPress 24: Extending hearing aid bandwidth >

WidexPress 23: The Speech Enhancer in mind440 >

WidexPress 22: The ZEN program from Widex >

WidexPress 21: The Effect of Non-Linear Applification and Low Compression Threshold on Receptive and Expressive Speech Ability in Children with Severe and Profound Hearing Loss >

WidexPress 20: Preliminary field and laboratory trials with Senso Diva >

WidexPress 19: Batteries from Widex >

WidexPress 18: Design Considerations in Directional Microphones >

WidexPress 17: Evaluation of a digital power hearing aid: Senso P38 >

WidexPress 16: Sound Stabilizer and SIS >

WidexPress 15: Audiological background and design rationale of Senso Dica >

WidexPress 14: Using a DSP Instrument Fitting Protocol for Pediatric Cases >

WidexPress 13:Rationale for Binaural Hearing Aid Fittings >

WidexPress 12: Technical improvements to enhance the performance of completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aids >

WidexPress 11: Fitting a Wide Range Compression Hearing Instrument Using Real Ear Threshold Data: A New Strategy >

WidexPress 10: Hearing Aids and Cellular Phone >

WidexPress 9: Senso C9. Performance of the Senso C9 >

WidexPress 8: Senso: Audiological background >


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