Susan de Bondt

Susan de Bondt’s audiology experience includes the Silverstein Institute in Sarasota, Florida, fifteen years of private practice ownership/management and provision of Fee Basis Audiology services through Bay Pines VA Healthcare System in southwest Florida.  Recently she has worked in manufacturing for 5 years providing training in Government Services and Commercial sectors as well as Product Management and Audiology Team management.  Her employment with Widex began in April of 2015 as a Professional Education Manager for South Florida and the Carolina’s.
Dr. de Bondt received her Masters of Science Degree in Audiology from the University of South Florida and completed a Doctorate in Audiology (Au.D) from the University of Florida.  She is a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology and a member of the Florida Academy of Audiology. 

Fred Price
Fred Price comes to Widex as a veteran of hearing healthcare, having spent more than 20 years in a variety of sales and training roles within the industry.  Fred has provided clinical support, training, and sales consultation for companies ranging from small hearing industry start-ups to some of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world.  He has a passion for helping the hearing impaired and has devoted his career to helping hearing healthcare practitioners give the best possible care to their patients.  Originally from North Carolina, he has a degree in communication disorders from North Carolina State University and a Master’s degree in Audiology from East Carolina University.  Fred currently resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas, and is the Professional Education Manager for Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.
Dana Helmink
Dana Helmink holds a Master’s degree from Northern Illinois University and a Doctor of Audiology degree from Salus University.  Before joining Widex as a Clinical Product Specialist, Dana was a global product manager at Otometrics, contributing to the development and launch of the Otoscan ear scanner.  In that role Dana lead the design and development of a unique software-based interactive training program.  Her previous hearing industry experience includes more than a decade managing an otoacoustic emission product line for Etymotic Research, Inc.  Prior to taking a role in industry, Dana worked clinically, focusing on adult diagnostics, fitting, verification, and advanced technology solutions.

Dana very proudly served for many years on the Board of Directors of the Illinois Academy of Audiology on several committees and in the elected roles, including President of The Academy.  Dana lives in the Chicago area where she enjoys running, biking, and hiking with her husband and daughter.  She keeps busy during the winter months with knitting, reading, and cuddling with the family dog.
Lisa Berkeley
Lisa brings more than 16 years of hearing industry experience to her current role of Professional Education Manager. She previously worked as a Therapy Consultant at Medtronic, providing sales, surgical support, fitting and training support for the bone-anchored hearing system. She has worked for multiple hearing aid manufacturers and has many years of experience training, supporting and fitting hearing aids. She received her Au.D. from Salus University in 2009 and lives in Eden Prairie, MN with her 2 boys.
Laura Kearns
Laura Kearns received her Bachelor of Science and Doctorate of Audiology from the University of Cincinnati. Before working at Widex, she worked as a clinical and dispensing audiologist at a large ENT practice in Lexington and Louisville in Kentucky. She loved the fast pace environment and variety of patients she worked with and treated. Laura is passionate about teaching clinicians how technology can improve their patient’s lives.  Laura lives in Louisville, Kentucky with her husband and young daughter.
Lindsay Livengood
Lindsay Livengood graduated with her Au.D. from Missouri State University in 2012. She has worked in a variety of clinical settings including private practice, ENT office, and the House Ear Institute. She is a licensed audiologist/hearing aid dispenser in California and North Carolina. Dr. Livengood is passionate about empowering hearing healthcare professionals to provide the best possible hearing to their patients. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and spending time with her husband, family, and friends.
Jodi Sasaki-Miraglia
Jodi Sasaki completed a double bachelor’s degree in Audiology & Speech Language Pathology at the University of Northern Colorado.  Jodi also holds a Master’s degree in Audiology and a Doctorate degree in Audiology from Salus University. She has dedicated the last 13 years of her career working for top global hearing device manufacturers as a Manager of Education & Training, Manager of Audiology Technical support, Sales support, and Practice Management.  Jodi is proud to be an Audiologist for almost two decades. Her past positions as a Clinical Audiologist at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale.  Jodi is a frequent guest lecture at local Au.D. programs, provides public outreach for Hearing Healthcare, and presents at local and national meetings.
Sonia Grewal
Sonia Grewal Au.D., is a licensed Audiologist in the state of California and currently works as a Professional Education Manager at Widex USA.  She received her Masters of Science in Communication Disorders and Sciences in 2005 from California State University, Northridge and completed her Doctorate of Audiology from Salus University in 2008.  Dr. Grewal has worked in clinical Audiology settings as well as a manufacturer representative for leading manufacturers in the hearing aid industry.  Dr. Grewal has presented to Universities and clinics on topics that pertain to hearing aid technology and cognitive effects of hearing loss.  As part of the Training and Education team, she is responsible for providing technical, clinical and product support to both Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists.
Wendy Switalski
Wendy Switalski is Director of Clinical Product Specialists for Widex USA.  Prior to joining Widex, Dr. Switalski was Sr. Market Development Manager for fitting solutions with Otometrics, owned audiology practice and equipment distribution companies in metro Detroit and served as a consultant specializing in probe microphone measurement technology.  In addition to her role with Widex, she also provides hearing care in the South Pacific territory of American Samoa.  Dr. Switalski holds an M.B.A. from Saginaw Valley State University and a Doctor of Audiology degree from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry School of Audiology.
Michele Gerrish
Michele’s audiology experience includes work at small private practices, the VA Healthcare system, as well as faculty and clinical audiologist as Penn State Hershey Medical system.  Recently she has worked in manufacturing providing training and product management in Government services and Commercial sectors.  Her employment with Widex began August of 2018 as a Clinical Product Specialist for the Northeast.
Dr. Gerrish received her master’s degree in Audiology from Bloomsburg University and completed received her Doctorate of Audiology from the University of Florida.  She currently resides in Hershey, Pennsylvania with her husband and two children.
David Lisko
David is the Director of Educational Development at Widex.  David brings a vast knowledge of the industry from both a clinical and manufacturing vantage point.  He has presented at national and regional meetings over the past 10 years and has worked directly with clinics around the country as both an Account Manager and National Sales Trainer. David’s band the Infidels were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996 and he is a member of MENSA.  He loves the Boston Red Sox and loves his children Sebastian and Sienna as if the Red Sox didn’t exist.
Terrie Sekins
Terrie Sekins holds a Master’s degree from San Diego State University in Audiology and a Doctorate from A.T. Stills University, Arizona School of Health Sciences.  Her prior audiology experience includes physician education on hearing loss and its effects in both clinical and private practice settings.  Additionally, she was instrumental in developing ototoxic monitoring protocols for children and adults and partnered with local school districts’ Deaf Education teachers to optimize amplification and FM.  Dr. Sekins is a licensed audiologist in California and has conducted seminars on hearing loss and hearing aid technology to clinics and consumer groups.  She brings more than 25 years’ experience to her current role as Regional Outreach Audiologist with Widex providing product and software training and support for the western United States.
James Martin
Dr. James W. Martin, Jr. was born and raised in Waynesville, North Carolina. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Audiology and Speech Pathology from The Ohio State University and his Masters Degree in Audiology from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He earned his Doctorate of Audiology (Au.D.) at Arizona School of Health Sciences.

James worked in a clinical setting for over ten years before coming onboard as a training audiologist and sales representative for Widex Hearing Aid Company in Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Alabama and Florida. James is currently a Professional Training Audiologist for Widex USA.

James is a member of the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) and was the winner of the American Speech and Hearing Associations Editor’s Award for published research in auditory neurophysiology.  He is a Two Time All American in Track & Field and was featured in Sports Illustrated’s “Faces in a Crowd”. James released his first music CD entitled “Movin On’ and performed in London, England in 2000.  He currently resides in Knoxville, Tennessee with his wife and two children.
Tiffany Brown
Dr. Brown is the Head of Global Market Development at Widex A/S. She received her Master’s of Science Degree in Audiology from Towson University and completed a Doctorate in Audiology (Au.D) from A.T. Still University, Arizona School of Health Sciences. Prior to joining Widex, her audiology experience includes eleven years of private practice ownership/management as well as developing and implementing the state funded audiology and equipment distribution program for a noted national and international deaf and hard of hearing, nonprofit organization. In addition to her current role on the global marketing management team, Dr. Brown has held various positions which have allowed her to develop, manage, and grow the product management and professional educational program, the practice development program, and government services. Tiffany is both a national and international public speaker who have focused on industry related topics that pertain to advancements in technology, selling techniques, business development, marketing, and leadership.