Variable Speed Compression

Widex EVOKE offers your patients superior sound with Variable Speed Compression
Whether catching up with friends in a noisy restaurant or relaxing at home, EVOKE listeners enjoy the best of both worlds with pure and natural sound because of our specialized compression system. With real-time Variable Speed Compression, EVOKE offers both slow- and fast-acting strategies simultaneously -- delivering an optimized and effortless listening experience to every listener, in every environment.

How does Variable Speed Compression create a superior sound experience?
  1. Slow-acting compressor preserves temporal cues for natural, nuanced sound
  2. Fast-acting compressor preserves speech in more dynamic listening environments
  3. Ideal solution regardless of wearer's cognitive function capability -- no need to select one compression type over the other
  4. Proven improved performance: a 2dB lower SNR needed for the Variable Speed Compressor, compared to the two individual compressor types alone (See Fig.1)
  5. NEW Fluid Sound Controller in Widex EVOKE now adjusts more sound parameters than ever before, including the Variable Speed Compression. This means that each sound class can independently change the compression strategy more intelligently, based on the environment.
EVOKE the work so the wearer can enjoy the moment in every environment
When patients come to you, they want the best hearing solution possible, everywhere they go. They want to hear like they remember hearing before their hearing loss.

With Widex EVOKE, wearers are provided with the ideal balance of natural hearing to easily adapt to the hearing devices while still having access to the speech information they need to thrive in everyday listening situations. Thanks to EVOKE's Variable Speed Compression, this happens seamlessly without buttons or thought. EVOKE wearers can just lean back and enjoy the moment.

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