Easily select a hearing device to meet your patients' needs on any budget with Widex EVOKE.
EVOKE Best-in-Class Features
Natural sound quality in quiet and noise
108 linear dynamic range providing access to input from 5dB to 113 dB SPL

Automatic performance in any environment
Fluid Sound Analysis with sound class technology

Seamless access to sound and improved speech intelligibility
30% more processing power and simultaneous Variable Speed Compression

Proprietary wireless communication between ears for better binaural awareness and ease of use
WidexLink™ InterEar™ communication

Personalized sound in the moment with the industry’s only real-time machine learning
SoundSense Learn

Confidence at every level!
A recent survey shows that wearers didn’t know what they were missing — until they tried Widex EVOKE. All wearers deserve to experience the Widex difference. Choosing EVOKE means:
  • Automatic advantage so your patients can set it and forget it
  • Superior patient satisfaction in noise with dedicated speech and noise features 
  • Improved clarity for soft speech for better understanding and hearing from a distance 
  • Personalization in the moment with real-time machine learning 
Reach more patients with Widex EVOKE
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