SoundSense Learn

SoundSense Learn is the industry's first real-time machine learning feature
SoundSense Learn is the industry's first real-time machine learning feature that allows EVOKE wearers to adjust their hearing parameters quickly and effectively through their smartphone. Based on settings you create as their clinician -- and driven by the wearer's own preferences and intentions -- your patient simply selects A and B sound profiles that are efficiently generated through real-time machine learning. SoundSense Learn enhances the wearer's sound experience in their real life moments.

Intelligent Today: 
  • Efficient and easy to use for all ages
  • Real-time benefit in the moment
  • Future learning and easy firmware updates
  • Patient driven for ultimate satisfaction
Smarter Tomorrow: 
Through the power of distributed computing and the Widex Cloud, Widex also uses data learning to anonymously look at patterns for future enhancements based on end-user preferences. EVOKE wearers will benefit not only from excellent sound quality today, they will receive automatic firmware updates via the app for a smarter tomorrow.
SoundSense Learn allows the wearer to be a part of the solution
Read what real EVOKE wearers are saying about SoundSense Learn: 

"I was amazed at how quick and helpful it was to use my EVOKE app to customize my listening preference and choose how i wanted to hear my wife and young son, sitting in a booth at a crowded restaurant. It was like I was able to just focus on their voices. To be able to change the sound just how I wanted to - was quick and easy...and it worked" 

"I love my new EVOKE hearing aids. Noisy and loud environments were very difficult for me. I finally feel engaged in noisy restaurant situations. I can actually understand all the conversations going on around the table. Before i would just smile and nod to my friends that i could not understand. Social settings are so much more comfortable and relaxed for me when it is noisy and loud. Thank you, WIDEX, I feel like a new person and back to my old, fun self." 
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