With EVOKE your patients have the opportunity to personalize the sounds they hear, based on their listening preference.
The Power of Personalization

EVOKE's sound personalization allows patients to refine their hearing experience to meet their needs and preferences.  

  1. Specialized programs to achieve wearers' intentions: The Impact and Comfort programs allow EVOKE wearers to focus on improved speech clarity or listening comfort when needed. Read more in a new article showing the benefit of these specialized programs. 
  2. Preference control to help acclimate to sound: Unlike classic "gain-only" volume control, Widex’ Preference Control changes a variety of sound parameters to help the wearer increase either audibility or comfort in any setting
  3. SoundSense Learn for a personalized listening experience: SoundSense Learn uses machine learning and easy A/B sound comparisons to help patients create their own personalized real-life hearing experience based on their intentions in that situation. Read more about the benefits in this article summary (DRM315).  
Improve quality of life and increased satisfaction

Sound personalization allows your patients to achieve their hearing intentions, improving their quality of life and increasing their satisfaction.

  • Patients have the power to customize their hearing experience while preserving your professional settings as the baseline.
  • As patients teach their EVOKE devices how they want to hear, SoundSense Learn guides them to a personalized listening experience that satisfies their intents.
Deliver satisfying listening experiences to your patients 
To learn more about how Widex uses sound personalization to deliver satisfying listening experiences to patients:

DOWNLOAD: SoundSense Learn Guide for Professionals (DRM314)

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