In a 2018 Hearing Tracker survey, hearing device wearers ranked hearing better in quiet as the #3 priority for hearing devices. Good news! In a recent global survey, Widex was the preferred choice for soft sounds! 
How does Widex do it better? 
  • Capture More: Dynamic range starting at 5 dB SPL
  • Preserve More: Simultaneous fast and slow compression
  • Amplify More: Industry-leading low kneepoints
  • Prioritize More: Soft Level Noise Reduction to reduce ambient noises

When your patients report the following problems, Widex is the right choice:
  • Missing parts of words 
  • Cannot hear whispers 
  • Difficulty in meetings or lectures 
  • Trouble watching TV 
  • Ambient sounds like the refrigerator are bothersome
Widex EVOKE soft sound features are available automatically at every price point, making hearing better in quiet a natural benefit for your patients.
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