Ensuring you and your patients the best quality possible is our priority.
Quality Assurance Testing

 That’s why our Compass™ GPS Quality Assurance testing includes the Widex-exclusive ServiceTracker.

ServiceTracker allows you to quickly and efficiently screen hearing aid functionality to make sure your patients’ hearing devices are working optimally before you make any fine-tuning changes. Simply connect the hearing devices to Compass GPS and select Quality Assurance, then ServiceTracker.
What does ServiceTracker evaluate?

  • Receiver Function
  • Microphone Function
  • Internal Noise 
ServiceTracker saves you and your patients time! 
Don’t waste time fine-tuning a hearing device that is not working optimally. Save time and frustration by checking the hearing device function before fine-tuning.
Great News! Widex REMOTE CARE™ offers you full access to the Compass GPS software while fine-tuning remotely. This means you can utilize features like ServiceTracker to check hearing device function before fine-tuning, even when you are not physically with your patient and their hearing devices.  
Staying connected to your patients has never been easier

Let your patients know that they can conveniently schedule a virtual visit with you for any follow-up needs with their Widex hearing devices and Widex REMOTE CARE!

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