Outdoor Hearing Features

Help your patients meet the demands of real-life hearing. 
Widex EVOKE helps your patients experience outdoor sounds
Whether hiking through the forest or strolling in the city, EVOKE helps patients experience the full, rich sounds of the outside world.

Reduce wind noise with SMARTWIND Manager™

Uncontrolled wind noise can make outdoor conversations challenging, but SMARTWIND Manager in the EVOKE440 compares the input between the front and back microphones to distinguish speech from wind with an 8.4 dB SNR improvement to phonemes.

Widex SmartWind Manager

Automatic optimization with Sound Classes
The EVOKE Fluid Sound Technology automatically classifies the sound environment into one of 11 sound classes, then optimizes device parameters to deliver pure, natural sound specifically for that environment. Learn more.

Durability and reliability
EVOKE hearing aids have an IP-68 rating: the highest level of protection against dust, debris, and water available. Sturdy, reliable, and stylish, they resist the elements and deliver industry-leading sound in real-life situations.
Preserve speech in real-world situations. 
Widex’ outdoor features allow EVOKE wearers to experience Real-Life Hearing™ to the fullest, no matter the environment or situation.
  • Automatic features like SmartWind Manager and Sound Class Technology make it easy for wearers to experience pure, natural sound outdoors. 
  • Widex’ low knee-point and High-Frequency Boost bring the sounds of nature—streams, crunching leaves, and bird song—into sharp focus.
  • Patients can take control of their hearing experience with personal programs and SoundSense Learn, optimizing their outdoor hearing experience.

Make sure your patients hear their best where it matters to them. 
Use Your Hearing Essentials (CRM22) with patients to reinforce the value of sound class and SmartWind Manager technology.

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