Fluid Sound Technology

Widex EVOKE offers automatic listening with more precision than ever before! 
Fluid Sound Technology is a key EVOKE feature providing up to 11 different sound classes to automatically optimize the balance between comfort and audibility in EVOKE wearers' real-life environments.
With the new EVOKE E-Platform, Widex has doubled the Fluid Sound Technology training to more than 700 sound samples -- further enhancing performance with superior accuracy for the greatest degree of automation for EVOKE wearers.
The evolution in our Fluid Sound Technology also includes the addition of our new Social sound class, available in the EVOKE440! The Social sound class is designed for hearing speech in small social environments, and is now one of 7 sound classes focused on the challenges of hearing in noise!

Fluid Sound Technology is optimized Real-Life Hearing
Benefit #1: 
  • Ease of listening in every part of a patient's day
  • Less need for adding special programs for different environments
  • Optimized first fit and listening demonstration experience
Benefit #2:

EVOKE allows listeners to hear more conversation -- easily and automatically!

The new Social sound class in EVOKE offers your patients more opportunities to hear better in noise by reducing focus away from distant sounds. EVOKE and the Social sound class help wearers stay more engaged in multi-speaker conversations around them.
For help discussing Fluid Sound Technology and personalizing the EVOKE fitting experience, check out these tools: 

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'Real-Life Hearing'