Selecting technology just got easier for patient's suffering from tinnitus. 
ZEN for tinnitus and relaxation in all EVOKE price points
Widex EVOKE takes a holistic approach to fitting patients by offering ZEN for tinnitus and relaxation in all EVOKE price points.
Widex ZEN has been proven effective for patients with slight to severe tinnitus.
EVOKE: The best Widex solution for tinnitus patients to achieve relief
  •  Enhance relaxation and provide long lasting habituation to tinnitus with Widex ZEN tones, using the power of music and fractal technology
  • Reduce the risk for hearing loss-induced stress with accurate and automatic processing
  • NEW, dedicated Comfort Program -- ideal for hyperacusis
  • Reduce tinnitus awareness with industry-leading extended bandwidth and High Frequency Boost feature*
For the on-the-go tinnitus relief and more personalized control, your patients can download these easy-to-use apps:

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Find out how to effectively fit EVOKE and use the ZEN feature to meet the needs of your tinnitus patients in this 60-minute recorded course on Audiology Online or check out the text version.

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Want to learn more? Download our WZT Fitting Guide (DRM279 and visit our Literature Section for additional EVOKE and ZEN materials. 

Interested in becoming a Widex Zen Therapy provider? 

Contact your regional Widex Sales Representative or call Customer Care at 800.221.0188 for more information. *440 model only.