With TV PLAY™, EVOKE wearers can stream audio from their television directly to their 2.4 GHz-enabled EVOKE hearing aids.

TV PLAY is now compatible with two new styles: EVOKE RIC 312 D and EVOKE BTE 13 D!

Easy to set up
With a simple installation and pairing process, EVOKE wearers can easily start streaming directly to their hearing aids in just a few minutes.

Easy to use
TV PLAY automatically connects to hearing aids once paired, and wearers can easily control the program and volume using their hearing aid controls, RC-DEX™, or the EVOKE app.

Outstanding quality and performance
Offering outstanding streaming stability, award-winning design, and support for multiple paired hearing aids, TV PLAY offers hearing aid wearers convenient, reliable streaming.

Enjoy TV again! 
With TV PLAY, hearing aid wearers can watch TV comfortably with friends and family, controlling both streamed audio volume and hearing aid microphone volume separately, so they can focus their attention on either the TV or conversation as they wish. 
EVOKE and TV PLAY for patients

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