Question: What do Widex engineers do when they want to push boundaries and offer industry-leading personalization that automatically evolves in real life? 

Answer: They build a smarter chip. 
EVOKE has two specialized chipsets
Inside every EVOKE is a specialized pairing of two chipsets: an accelerated closed core and a flexible open core chipset to provide the ideal blend of:
  • Unmatched personalization with the world's first real-time machine learning system. 
  • Exceptional sound processing and performance in quiet and in noise with Variable Speed Compression. 
  • Industry-leading battery efficiency
EVOKE chipset provides a pure and personalized experience
Patients want to put on their hearing devices and forget about them. Thanks to a smarter chipset, EVOKE makes this happen. EVOKE wearers are able to thrive throughout the day with: 
  • The power to personalize their hearing
  • Outstanding sound quality anywhere
  • Better battery life 
Marketing EVOKE technology in your office is easy
Take a look at how the dual-core chipset works

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