Custom ear-tips
Custom ear-tips allow Hearing Healthcare Professionals to tailor the hearing experience to suit their patients’ individual needs and preferences.

Customized flexibility
Widex offers six different custom tip options for unparalleled convenience, comfort, and sound:
  • Open hard
  • Hard hollow
  • Hard solid
  • Soft
  • Embedded
  • Modular


Comfort and precision
Custom tips can help you fit patients with dexterity concerns, maximize sound, and personalize the hearing experience. From open hard to vented soft tip options, find the configuration that works for every hearing loss and comfort preference in our Custom Ear-Tip Guide. 

NEW! Improved durability
Redesigned bushings with an embedded inner ring give Widex custom shells more durability and a longer lifespan.
Widex’ custom ear-tips give patients maximum comfort while meeting their individual hearing needs. 
A personalized custom fit can be easier to put on, wear all day, and take off at the end of the day, all while providing excellent sound and comfort. Consider a custom tip for your patients who:
  • Need more gain 
  • Are susceptible to feedback
  • Have difficulty putting on instant tip options  
Widex' custom ear pieces are always my go-to for my patients who have difficult-to-fit ears or steeply sloping losses. Not only do they fit great, but they are cosmetically appealing. - Fort Worth, TX
Tools to support your practice and patients
Show: Determine which ear-tip best meets your patients’ clinical needs using our guide
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