BE THERE for the Holidays
EVOKE hearing aids with 2.4 GHz connectivity will help your patients BE THERE when it matters most this upcoming holiday season.

SoundSense Learn
Festive music and multiple conversations can challenge hearing aid wearers to feel fully engaged at holiday parties. SoundSense Learn helps wearers customize their hearing for optimal clarity or comfort using real-time machine learning and the EVOKE app.

Real-Life Insights
Provide patients with more effective, highly tailored counseling and fine-tuning based on the insight you gain from data on how, when, where, and why they’re using personal programs on their EVOKE hearing aids.

Are your patients traveling during the holiday season? Deliver full-service fine-tuning care remotely — including in situ audiometry, feedback testing, and ServiceTracker quality assurance — wherever they are.
BE THERE when it matters most
At a time of year when patients are focused on connecting with family and loved ones, Widex helps them BE THERE when it matters by giving them the tools to hear how they want to when they want to. 
Help your patients BE THERE
Show: Show patients how Widex can help them BE THERE with our CRM216 brochure
See: See how real patients benefit from SoundSense Learn
Teach: Teach patients how REMOTE CARE makes hearing their best easier with CBR212 brochure

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