When sound control is what your patient’s desire, EVOKE App offers the fullest featured and flexible app solution. 
  • Simple and intuitive preference control to quickly make changes for comfort or clarity in any setting.
  • Advanced streaming sound control for phone calls, music, GPS navigation, or even when accessing a loop at the theatre with the Sound Mixer. It’s like they’re on stage!
  • Creating, customizing and saving Personalized Programs is quick and easy for that weekly card game or meeting.
  • The Equalizer is a Musician or Engineer’s dream come true
  • Industry leading personalization SoundSense Learn powered by Real-Time Machine Learning
  • Automatic Updates
SoundSense learn truly allows for a solution when your patient is having difficulty hearing the way they want to hear in any situation, in the moment. Using real-time wearer input, SoundSense Learn generates a real-time solution. EVOKE App makes hearing easier and more enjoyable.

Want to learn more about how you can add more value to your patients and save time using EVOKE app with your patients?

Available Styles: 
  • EVOKE RIC 312 D
  • EVOKE BTE 13 D 

top features

sound sense learn

Adjust sound preferences with simple A/B comparison

sound mixer & equalizer

Adjust and personalize sound quality for music and environments

volume r/l

Adjust the volume on two hearing aids individually

sound direction

Select direction of the microphones