Watch how partnering hearing professionals are helping their patients to go beyond better hearing with the new WIDEX BEYOND™ hearing aid technology.
My patients really love the great quality of sound, which Widex has always had, and the connectivity for those wanting to stream music. 
seth dank, New York
My patients are already loving the ability to connect to their iPhone and have it be so seamless. It is very easy to connect it and it doesn't drop.
Deborah Price, Texas
My favorite BEYOND feature is the application that lets patients have control over how things sound. It lets them adapt the hearing aids they way need them to.
Tom wardzala, Illinois
I'm really excited about the extended battery life when streaming. I can't wait to see it in action!
Doug Worthington, UTAH
My patients like the understanding of speech, especially in groups, parties, restaurants, etc.
Roger McGargill, Nebraska
The WIDEX BEYOND not only connects patients to all of their devices, but also to the people they want to connect to as well.
Jeremy hodge, Florida