Introducing the New WIDEX CUSTOM

The new Widex CUSTOM device is officially available on the market– a completely redesigned in-the-ear hearing aid with a 40% smaller circuit compared to previous models.
“Widex CUSTOM is a robust in-the-ear solution that combines perfect fit with the superior sound quality of our unparalleled UNIQUE technology. With smaller internal components, Widex CUSTOM provides greater flexibility in fitting more difficult ears” says Widex USA President Jeff Geigel.

“And we’re kicking off our CUSTOM launch with an introductory 2 for 1 offer. Buy 2 new Widex CUSTOM units for the price of one! This is a limited-time offer that hearing healthcare professionals should take advantage of” adds Geigel.

Widex CUSTOM offers exceptional benefits for the wearer, including a reduced size, better fit, and customizable controls. It features a new swing-out battery door which contributes to reduced hearing aid size and easy battery access. CUSTOM provides flexibility with options for a program button, a volume control or both. Available in two levels of power, it offers a choice between 85 dB M-receiver or 90 dB P-receiver for a flexible fitting range.

CUSTOM connects to the extensive range of DEX assistive listening devices. The combination of a 312 battery and the lowest power consumption in the industry lets Widex CUSTOM maintain a connection for longer periods of time without sacrificing sound quality.

Because it’s powered by the advanced UNIQUE platform, CUSTOM offers a wider sound picture, superior noise reduction, and automatic sound handling.

“With the availability of Widex CUSTOM, more people will be able to enjoy the superior sound of UNIQUE in a discreet in-the-ear model, which makes CUSTOM a perfect addition to the Widex product portfolio,” said Jeff Geigel.

The Widex CUSTOM introductory offer ends December 31, 2017. To order or for more information, visit or contact Widex Customer Care at 1-800-221-0188.

For more information, please contact Cheryl Anderson, Director of Marketing Communications, Widex USA at

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