BEYOND Hearing Aids Now Available for Android

More smartphone users can benefit from Widex BEYOND hearing aids with the introduction of Android compatibility.
This past December, hearing care practitioners around the world received, with great enthusiasm, the much anticipated release of the Widex BEYOND made-for-iPhone hearing aid, which enables hearing aid wearers to enjoy the crystal clean sound and crisp connectivity only available in Widex BEYOND. Now, Widex BEYOND offers even more choices, with an app available both for Android and iPhone. This exciting new development means that even more of your patients can enjoy both the uniquely clean Widex sound and BEYOND's unparalleled smartphone connectivity.

BEYOND offers the industry's best sound and an unmatched level of connectivity. With a customizable app that features full streaming functionality and control over their listening environment, BEYOND keeps hearing aid wearers seamlessly connected - anywhere, anytime. Hearing professionals across the country are praising BEYOND's crystal-clear sound and intuitive app. Roger McGargill, an audiologist in Illinois, says his patients will like BEYOND's sound quality when streaming. "The instrument is just going to be so flexible in adapting to the environments that they're in that things are going to be seamless," he said.

Dr. James Martin, Director of West Professional Education, who has worked for Widex for 20 years, says that BEYOND isn't just about connectivity. It is also about crystal-clear sound quality. "It is uncompromising - bar none. We will never introduce a technology or feature that will sacrifice sound quality," he said.

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Widex USA continues to introduce BEYOND at regional events nationwide and online via Audiology Online. One-on-one training are also offered by Widex Regional Sales Managers. To learn more about Widex BEYOND hearing aids, please visit

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